MAKE IT FLY MUSIC produces music for synchronisation purposes (advertisement, background, films, short films, music and jingles). Composer and producer Frédéric Degand proposes music tunes from his catalogue, that can be edited just or created with the mood of your choice. Contact us and we will make it fly!

Frédéric was born in 1972 in Belgium and started playing and creating music since 1985. Mainly self-trained with synthesisers, drum machines, sequencers and computers, he has always been focused on making his own material and exploring new sounds. His influences come from pop, jazz, electronic, new-age, rock and world music and anything that creates a sound. “Music is a universal language that touches the heart of people and unites them. It gives energy, inspiration and harmony. When I create music, the most important part of the production is the accidental emotion that it generates – That’s what I am always looking for!”

Samples of works below. (Copyright. F.Degand – All rights reserved)